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About Origen The Beginning of Something Beautiful.

Design is Communication

Design is more than pretty pictures. Design communicates. Every element tells a story and unleashes a powerful message through visual art and interaction. Great design communicates exactly what you want to say.

At Origen, I do more than make your website look good. I communicate your most important message through thoughtful site design. I start by asking questions to identify your audience and understand your organization, in order to create a complete web communication strategy. The result transforms the way you and your user engage.

Meet Origen

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Who is Origen?

Origen Creatives is the one-person design studio of Josh Clark based in Eugene, Oregon

A designer at heart, I am trained in Graphic Design and have been doing design work since 2000. In 2004, I moved from print to pixel design with the creation of my first website and fell in love with the web and web standards. When not working or being teased by my wife for giggling at books on web standards, you can find me spending time with my family, hanging out at some of the finest coffee houses in Eugene, or finishing up a Master’s Degree at George Fox Seminary (a Renaissance Man, I know.)

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What Origen will do for you

Origen specializes in visual design and front-end development. I'm also pretty good at making your site sing in ExpressionEngine.

  • Interface & Visual Design

    Your users deserve a great experience while visiting your site. I focus on usability and user-needs to craft beautiful interfaces, keeping your visitors engaged and satisfied.

  • Front-End Development

    Good code matters! The web is built on the foundation of solid HTML and CSS. At Origen I use web-standards to ensure that your content is accessible to all of your users, as well as Search Engines. Standards also make your site easy to update and enable graceful aging over time.

  • ExpressionEngine Integration

    ExpressionEngine is a robust content management system that provides a solid base for most Origen websites. EE adapts to your site’s needs, rather than forcing your site to conform to its structure. In over two years of EE integration, I’ve seen it satisfy the content management needs of many diverse clients.

The Process

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How It's Done

Successful projects nearly always have a plan. Origen has a five step process of planning, designing and building your website.

  • Discovery

    The first step involves careful listening and gathering information. I do user research and analysis to ensure alignment between site goals and user needs. I set project goals through the formation of a Creative Brief, including user profiles, technology needs and goals, market research, and project scope establishment.

  • Define

    Before design begins, information architecture must be established. I work with you to create efficient and intelligent structure for your site interface. We establish the site map, which defines site structure, and wireframes to define page structure. We conduct a content audit to develop a successful strategy for your site content.

  • Design

    In this phase I create the visual design for your site. I consider browser capabilities and emerging means of web access, such as hand-held devices. I am meticulous about design elements and pay close attention to things like color, typography, and grids.

  • Develop

    Utilizing the structure and visual design created in the previous phases, I develop your site using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Web standards ensure that your site will work far into the future. I also build your site into a Content Management System (like ExpressionEngine), allowing you full control of your site after launch.

  • Deploy

    During this phase we celebrate the work we’ve done together and launch the site! I provide website-management training for you through on-site training, videocasts, and documentation. Your site is also hooked into an analytics application (such as Google Analytics or Mint), allowing you to measure your site’s success.