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Breeden Homes


Breeden wanted a website that was more focused on their user than on their company. By focusing on their client needs, Breeden not only redefined their website, but the entire way they do business. Origen listened intently to Breeden's needs, focusing the conversation on how to engage potential clients in the process of buying or building a home. 

Josh brings a full bag of tools, design ideas, and creativity to the job of building your website. I was impressed with his grasp of web visitor focused needs. He quickly understood our customer and provided content and design features targeted for Breeden's business. I enjoyed his openness to all ideas. He has an excellent eye for developing a webpage for the balance of its elements and keeping it visually uncluttered. Josh regularly kept a close eye on the schedule. He was assertive in moving us forward and utilized a project management tool that put structure and relationships to all the work ahead of us. Overall, I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Josh.

Hersh Jenkins, Principal Broker

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