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Gene Hall, LPC


Gene is a licensed counselor in Eugene, OR. He generates many leads off of online directories he belongs to and wanted to legitimize his business with a simply, yet professional business website. Origen brought his site to life with a simple site structure and elegant design. I built it using web-standards, separating style from content allowing for maximum exposure on the web. Finally, by integrating the site into CushyCMS, I was able to hand the site back over to Gene, allowing him to update his content anytime he wants. 


Josh constructed my website in the Spring of 2009 and I have had excellent feedback and visibility ever sense. Being a therapist it is important that I present a professional and relational image in advertising. Josh captured that with his presentation and was very creative to work with. I would highly recommend his company to anyone looking to have a quality website that stands out and presents well.

Gene Hall MA, LPC

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